Now you’re in & Parent Power …

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Now you’re in Year 7

Now you’re in Year 10


Year 7 Evening feedback

 “It was really good to hear such positive ways that the school and teaching staff are engaging with the children, helping them to be a part of the school community and to help them progress.”

“It was all useful. It was helpful to know what my son will be expected to do over the year and onwards.”

“I know feel more familiar with the school and key staff. I am at ease about my daughters transition. The key dates overview was helpful and the new show my homework monitoring….great!”

“A good coverage of what makes for a good education for our son.”


Year 10 Evening feedback

“I think the evening was excellent in all respects. Am looking forward to working with the school over the next two years!”

“I was impressed by the enthusiasm of the leadership team to the future of my sons GCSE years, he will be encouraged to perform at the best of his ability.”

“All amazing, very informative.”

“I found the new approach most refreshing and exciting. Great presentation. Keep up the good work”

“Excellent information provided. I feel the school is really trying to strengthen the monitoring of progress and that children will get extra support if needed.”

“It was useful to have information about the tools which can be used to assist my daughter with her GCSEs. Good to know the school is committed to my daughter’s exam success – have no fear we are behind you!”

Parent Power

Parent Power – Year 11

Parent Power – Year 12


“It was useful to help parents understand how to help our children to revise and be successful.”

“it was useful to unpick strategies for supporting my child’s revision and finding out what you are doing at school, such as the growth mindset approach.”

“The reality of how close the exams was an important reminder!!”

“The topic on how to achieve success was very impressive and I also found suggestions around using praise as a motivating tool helpful”