The Sixth Form, here at Altwood Church of England School, is very successful and high achieving.  Students who are offered a place invariably attain exceptionally well, with the majority exceeding all expectations in the light of their GCSE performance.  

 We actively welcome students into our Sixth Form who have demonstrated a constructive and positive attitude towards their studies at GCSE level, and who aspire to further academic success. Many of our Year 11 students progress into the Sixth Form as a preparation for university, the world of work or professional training through Apprenticeships.

The education opportunities we offer at Altwood are varied and enable our students to access a range of higher education and vocational options beyond life in the Sixth Form.  Presently, the majority of our Year 12 students are engaged in four Advanced Supplementary Level GCEs (AS) courses.  We also offer a BTEC National Diploma pathway as an alternative study route, or as an accompaniment to AS Level study. Students who secure 5 GCSE A*- C grades including English and Mathematics,  and the entry requirements for their chosen subjects, are able to access Level 3 study routes, the phase after GCSEs. Students who need a little longer to attain their GCSEs in English and Mathematics are able to access a BTEC National Diploma at Level 2 and access a provision which will ensure they are able attend additional study support  to re-sit their GCSE examinations.

 These pathways and through the long established ‘Federation Programme’ with neighboring schools, along with the extensive list of subjects offered at here Altwood ensures that all students of all abilities have an opportunity to study, be successful and progress within our Sixth Form.

 Within the Sixth Form at Altwood we offer a very high level of academic, pastoral and tutorial care, along with professional Information, Advice and Guidance for all our Sixth Form students. This makes our Sixth Form a very personal experience and a natural progression route for our Year 11 students who have already established positive relationships with the staff and subject departments. Each year we also welcome students from other educational institutions. The arrival of these students serves to enhance our Sixth Form, as they bring with them fresh and different experiences.

 Once a member of our Sixth Form community students are placed in tutor groups within their peer group.  It is the intention, wherever possible, that students will have the same tutor throughout their time in the Sixth Form. The Form Tutor plays a key role in mentoring and guiding students through their time at Sixth Form. This is particularly important for those students applying to university through the UCAS process and all of our tutors are fully trained to support this. The Form Tutor is also vital in academic target-setting and supporting study management with each student. This allows a high level of personalised and effective support to be given and ensures rigorous guidance and monitoring is in place to ensure that students reach their full potential.

 The transition from GCSE to Sixth Form study is demanding and will present challenges for students. Here at Altwood we recognise this and therefore place great emphasis upon supporting our students. The Sixth Form is an important time, one where students move from compulsory education to voluntary education, from guided study to independent learning. This places upon our students a responsibility to rise to the challenge of Sixth Form study, to learn the skills necessary to fulfill their potential and to have the self-discipline to meet their targets and succeed in their chosen pathways. The rewards of such commitment are great, with a plethora of opportunities opening up either at university level, or pursuing a career. Education is about choice, and the better your education, the greater your choice.

 We believe it is important to prepare students thoroughly for their studies in the Sixth Form, and their ‘next steps’ beyond this. As last year, we will be running a two day induction programme in July 2014. This will include team building activities, an introduction to advanced study skills and preparation for life beyond the Sixth Form using an international company for application and interview preparation.

 It is a privilege and a fulfilling experience to be a member of the Altwood Sixth Form. We welcome those students who are committed to, and who are passionate about success. Those students who aspire to greater and continued academic success, who want to contribute to their school community and who want to go that little bit further to fulfill their true potential are invited to join our Sixth Form.


We look forward to welcoming you. 


Ms K Savage


Director of Sixth Form Studies