Life in the Sixth Form

On deciding where to continue our Further Education, we both felt Altwood Sixth Form was the perfect choice for us.  The relationships we had strengthened with our teachers throughout the years was definitely something no other sixth form could offer us.   At Altwood School the support, advice and guidance given to an individual is outstanding.  Especially when going through the important process of choosing what to study at Key Stage Five and making the correct decisions.

The jump from GCSEs to A Levels was an aspect that we both found challenging, we knew that an extreme amount of effort and hard work would need to be put in when wanting to achieve the best possible.  This was largely down to the environment that the Altwood Sixth Form has been able to offer us.  For a student in the sixth form there is always the feel of a strong community, where students can easily approach their subject teachers when in need of help.  From your first day of Year 12 you will be a valued member of not only the sixth form but also the whole school community.  Each pupil given a tutor whom will guide them through any difficulties they may have.  Within our school there is an ethos of working together and caring for one another’s wellbeing. We have made lasting friendships here, and we are sure you will too.

As a prospective Sixth Form student, many students may have the desire to further their level of understanding in certain subjects in an institute of Higher Education. However where this is the not the case, and a student decides to make a different choice in the next stage of their life, the Altwood Sixth Form Staff are more than happy to support and guide you through the decisions you begin to make. Having outside speakers come in and talk to us throughout the year about different aspects of life, telling us their experiences and presenting us their knowledge in a hope to further our understanding and decision making in life, gives students the encouragement they need to explore all the possible options they are encountered with. At what can be seen as a crucial stage in our lives, when some big decisions are only around the corner, this type of support will prove to be incredibly useful to students throughout our Sixth Form.

 At Altwood, as well as presenting students with extra opportunities, the school believes it is vital to focus on students as an individual, understanding just what it is that works best for them. Each and every student has regular meetings with their tutor and Director of Sixth Form to ensure they are not only coping with the workloads presented to them by their subjects, but also to receive feedback on their progress and look at aspects of their learning they could improve. As a member of Altwood, we are educated to work well in teams as well as given the key skills to excel as an individual learner. The staff at Altwood understands that each student is a unique individual, and go to great lengths to help us to achieving our personal goals.

We hope that through reading our insight into the Altwood Sixth Form, we have shown you that at the qualities Altwood hope to bestow upon your child. It is in our belief that each and every student has the opportunity to learn in a friendly, supported environment, where you are not only respected as a student, but as a young adult. When looking back at the choice made to stay and progress my education further at Altwood Sixth Form, it is clear that staying on was the right decision.

Matthew Alexander Newman (Head Boy) and Meera Ghedia (Head Girl)