Post 16 Curriculum

Our aim is to create a flexible curriculum at the right level for each member of the Sixth Form. There are a number of pathways through post 16 education; each of these may can lead to university, apprenticeship or employment. You will receive professional, specific and detailed advice during your Post 16 Interview in January – March.

Whether a course runs will depend upon the number of students opting for it, however, we are committed to providing a breadth of choice.  A real strength of our school setting is that class sizes are small. This enables the building of excellent relationships with teachers and deep extensive learning opportunities. To ensure breadth of choice, it is also possible to study one ‘minority’ subject in another local school (i.e. if there is a low uptake of a subject across all Maidenhead schools, then the schools collaborate and allow student across the town to work together). These subjects are in Option E (Federation Subjects).


The following courses are available at Altwood:


Level 3

GCE Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced Level (A2)


Entry Requirements: 5 GCSE grades C and above including English and Maths (Higher Paper only)


(Please note to study Biology Chemistry, Mathematics, or Physics, you will be required to have a Grade B or above)


AS Levels:      These are the first year of Advanced Level Study in Year 12. Marks from your AS examinations are carried forward to your final A2 grade at the end of Year 13.

An AS course can also studied with BTEC Level 3 Business (see below)


A2:      These are the second year of Advanced Level study usually in Year 13. These are more demanding academically and require a high level of commitment.


Subjects include:


Science Mathematics English Humanities Creative Languages Business Social Sciences





Further Maths

English Literature Geography


Philosophy & Ethics

Government & Politics



Design Technology

Digital Photography

Drama & Theatre Studies





Business Studies (BTEC)

Business AS




Physical Education






BTEC Level 3 (National Diploma) Business and ICT

Entry Requirements: 5 GCSE grades C and above including English and Maths (Higher Paper only)

This is the equivalent of 2 A2 levels. Students are also expected to study an AS Level. This is a two year course that can lead to entry at university level courses.

For all level 3 courses (AS/A2 and BTEC level 3), all students are expected to spend a minimum of four hours per subject per week, studying beyond the classroom. This study is crucial to your success.

Level 2

BTEC Level 2 (First Diploma) Business and Professional Studies

Entry Requirements: 5 A* – E grades including English and Maths

This is equivalent to 4 GCSE’s grades A* – E and is studied in Year 12. Success at this level will lead to the higher level 3 course.

Altwood Sixth Form Curriculum

 Level 3

AS Level

Subject 1

Subject 2

Subject 3

Subject 4

Progression to A2 Level Subjects Will Depend Upon AS Results

A2 Level

Subject 1

Subject 2

Subject 3


BTEC Business and Professional Studies

Level 2

BTEC  Business and Professional Studies

 (equivalent to 4 GCSE Grades A* – C)

English & Maths GCSE

BTEC Business, ICT & Sport

Level 3

(equivalent to two A2 Levels)

BTEC National Diploma Business


BTEC National Diploma ICT


BTEC NAtional Diploma Sport

 + 1 AS Level Course

Federation and BCA Partnership

Further to the extensive curriculum on offer to our students here in the Altwood 6th Form, there are also partnerships within the local area which broadens the offer to our students even further.  This is facilitated through the federation made up of other Maidenhead secondary schools which increases the A level subjects on offer.

We believe that it is important to build on our students’ strengths and aspirations, and for this reason we implement individualised programmes of study to meet our students’ needs and ensure they are fully equipped for their future progression routes. This includes opportunity to study off-site for four hours per week as part of this individual programme thereby extending academic and vocational options from which to choose.