Art & Design

Examination Board: AQA


Art, Craft and Design

Candidates produce practical and critical/contextual work in the processes of  fine Art, Painting, Drawing, Print making, and sculpture in three-dimensional materials, mixed media, digital photography, ICT manipulation and textiles.


The AS course can be taken as a stand alone or as 50% of a full A level


The AS course will consist of-


  AS Part of full A Level
Coursework 50% 25%
Controlled Assignment 50% 25%


The A2 course builds on the AS grade. The grade makes up 50% of the overall A2 grade.


Coursework 25%
Controlled Assignment 25%


The general approach will always be working from direct observation from primary sources, exploration of other artists, designers and crafts workers, idea development and problem solving, using a range of media and processes, arriving at a finished piece or pieces.


AS Unit 1 – Coursework Portfolio


Students must produce a portfolio of course work making up 50% of the As Grade.


• An exploration of a theme for example: Deconstructed and reconstructed architecture.

• Appropriate research and recording from primary sources

• Selecting appropriate sources and contextual images for analysis, demonstrating, understanding, meaning and context

• Analysing and using sources and contexts to inform and inspire their own work

• Development of ideas, ongoing analysis and review

• Exploration of media and methods to record information and develop ideas

• Synthesis of ideas and outcome(s) which connect with appropriate contexts.


Unit 2 – Externally Set Assignment


 The Externally Set Assignments should involve students showing evidence of the development of visual language skills in:


-  Generating a range of ideas, reviewing and refining.

–  Appropriate research into sources and contexts

–  Primary recording and analysis of sources and contexts

–  Sensitive selection and exploration of media and processes


Students are given 3 months to complete work for the controlled test. At As level students have approx 4 weeks before completing a 5 hour controlled test based on developing ideas before completing the ideas and a personal responses in lesson time.



Unit 3 – Personal Investigation


Students must produce a personal investigation supported by written element of 1000-3000 words.


The Unit 3 coursework consists of two elements, practical work and a personal study based on a chosen theme, concept, idea or issue; the two elements are interlinked. The unit makes up 50% of the A2 grade


-  Students will produce a written dissertation of 1000 – 3000 words.

–  Develop a range of ideas, reviewing and refining.

–  Show a high level of understanding of critical and contextual related issues.

–  Producing a sketchbook showing your research and pastiches.

–  Produce a final piece or piece’s of work.


Unit 4 – Externally Set Assignment:


A2 level students complete a 15 hour controlled test at the end of the 3 month period of idea development.


Students should show evidence of the development of visual language skills in:

-  Generating a range of ideas, reviewing and refining

–  Appropriate research into sources and contexts

–  Recording and analysis of primary sources and contexts

–  Sensitive selection and exploration of media and processes


At the end of each year students are involved in exhibiting their work in a private view open to staff, friends and family.


The AS and A Level course will involve visiting galleries and museums. Visits to The Tate, BritishMuseum, National Portrait Gallery and a residential Art trip are to be expected.


A considerable amount of work is needed to be done outside the classroom, Altwood School Art department offers a sixth from Art studio work space. Students must display good time management skills and some expense will be incurred for personal equipment and portfolios etc.


Entry Requirements:

A Minimum of grade C in Art GCSE plus 4 other GCSEs minimum grade C including English and Maths


Contact: Mrs J Bullworthy