Business Studies

Examination Board: AQA


Business Studies is a multi-dimensional subject that will offer you a high degree of versatility in career choice, from general management and administration opportunities to marketing, financial services and personnel work.  It also provides an ideal foundation for those aiming to study a business related degree or any other subject at university.


The course will help to provide you with some of the necessary skills required for today’s commercial world.  These include: marketing; accounts and finance; operations management; the political, economic, social and technological environment; management of people.  The skills that you will acquire are the ability to interpret and analyse information and evaluate the implications for business and the decisions that they could ultimately make.


This is a modular course and students are externally assessed in January and June of each academic year.  The examinations consist of stimulus response material, and case studies.  Successful completion of the AS Level (1st year) of the course will allow students to progress on to the A2 level of the course.


Wherever possible, the department arranges visits to businesses which allow students to appreciate the scale of operations with major organisations, as well as student enrichment days which include talks given by business experts or revision workshops.


A level Business is challenging, but with the skills and knowledge that you acquire it will help you appreciate many of the issues that you will face within your future career.


At AS Level, you will learn about the internal functions of business and how the management of these functions can assist in improving the effectiveness and performance of a business.


The AS specification has 2 units:

Unit 1: Planning and Financing a Business

In this module you will be introduced to the challenges and issues of starting a business, including financial planning by looking at the key financial concepts such as sources of start up finance, planning cash flow, contribution and break even.


Unit 2: Managing a business

In this module you will be introduced to how people are managed in the workplace looking at communication; motivation; recruitment; HR planning; how businesses plan and analyse the competitive environment.


At A2, this specification considers strategies for larger businesses and how these strategies may change according to circumstances. Finally, it considers the effects that external factors can have on businesses and how a business can plan for and manage change, including leadership style and change in business culture.


The A2 specification has 2 units:

Unit 3: Strategies for success

This module covers the strategic planning of the four main functional areas of a business, that is, Financial strategies and accounts, Marketing strategies, Operational strategies and Human Resource strategies.


Unit 4: The Business Environment and Change

In this module you will develop your knowledge and understanding of how businesses manage change.  This module involves a research case study.


Entry Requirements:

Minimum of Grade C in GCSE English Language and Mathematics, plus at least three further GCSEs at Grade C or above.


Contact: Mr J Masson