Examination Board: AQA


Candidates must be able to:

  1. Perform in front of an examiner in a duo/group
  2. Choreograph and perform a solo dance
  3. Show an interest in studying professional repertoire in a
  4. variety of dance genre.


Form of Assessment


Written exam, compositional exam, performance exam





Unit 1:        Understanding Dance – 40%

                      Written Paper, 1 hour 30 minutes


Sections A and B: Both contain structured and essay style questions which will be set on the dancer as a performer, the process and craft of choreography and the significance of dances.


Unit 2:        Choreography and Performance  Practical Coursework – 60%


Section A: Solo choreography and performance lasting 3 minutes from a choice of 4

questions released by AQA- 40%

Section B: Performance in a duo/group in any genre lasting 4 minutes – 20%


Higher Education Opportunities


This exam is especially important for anyone wishing to apply for any area of Sports Studies or Performing Arts. Also it would be useful for a career in performing, teaching or the Arts.


Entry Requirements:

At least a B grade in GCSE Dance or audition. Ballet would be helpful, although not essential. Candidates will receive training in technique and the health and safety of the dancer.                                                                         


Contact: Ms Savage