Drama & Theatre Studies

Examination Board:  Edexcel


What will I learn on this course?

The course demands practical, creative and communication skills in almost equal measure.  You will extend your ability to create drama and theatre, either in a performing or production role.  You will also be required to write about drama and to develop your powers of analysis to become an informed critic.  The course will involve taking part in drama productions, as well as studying plays and playwrights.


What kind of student is this course suitable for?

You need to be curious about issues and ideas and have a creative instinct for communicating your views through drama.  You may be keen on acting, writing or on the visual and technical side of theatre and wish to develop your skills in some of all of these areas.  Equally you will be interested in going to the theatre to see plays performed by different theatre companies.


(8DR01)  AS


Unit 1:  Exploration of Drama and Theatre    (6DR01)


40%  (AS)

20% of Total A Level


Internally assessed unit requiring students to:

–    explore two contrasting play texts through practical work

–    explore the theories and practice of a recognised theatre practitioner and apply

these to one of the play texts.

–    create and submit a set of exploration notes (maximum 1500 words per play) based

on individual research and response to the practical work undertaken.

–    to a maximum of 3000 words.

–    experience a live theatre performance and submit a written evaluation (maximum

1000 words)


Deadline for all notes end of January.


Unit 2:  Theatre Text in Performance     (6DR02)


60% (AS)

30% of Total A Level


Externally assessed unit requiring students to:

–    select, rehearse and perform either a Monologue (max 2 minutes) or Duologue

(max 5 minutes)

–    consider, use and justify a performance concept (500 words).

–    engage in a group performance of an extract from a published text, written by a

recognised writer, to be selected and directed by the teacher.

–    duration of performance piece is between 15 minutes and 45 minutes, depending

on the number of students in the group.


This unit is assessed under examination conditions by a visiting examiner on a date negotiated with the centre, between March and May.


(9DR01)   A2


Unit 3:  Exploration of Dramatic Performance:    (6DR03)


40% (A2)

20% of total A Level


Internally assessed unit requires students to:

–    create an original and unique piece of theatre from a stimulus chosen by the


–    the performance piece will be between 15 and 30mins duration.

–    students will be assessed on their individual research, development and



Assessment criteria cover Process, Performance and a structured written evidence document (SWED) of 3000 words.


Deadline for completion of the SWED is the end of January.


Unit 4:  Theatre Text in Context:    (6DR04)


60% (A2)

30% of total A Level.


Externally assessed unit requires students to:

–    explore a set play text from the perspectives of the actor and the director.

–    create, illustrate and justify their own concept for a performance of the set play.

–    study and explore a play from a specific time period.

–    study the original performance conditions.

–    attend and evaluate a live performance of the chosen play.

–    prepare for a two and a half  hour written examination paper that is set by the

board and taken in June.


The Drama Department welcomes the enthusiastic student who is prepared to work with consistent commitment, fully engaging in the course and with the requirement for independent learning. Those who fulfil the entry criteria will be fully supported to enable achievement and success.


Entry Requirements:

Minimum of a Grade C at GCSE in English, plus 4 further GCSE passes at C or above.  Drama at GCSE is desirable but not essential.


Contact: Mrs R Nehme