Examination Board: Edexcel


This course will appeal to students who:


–   have an interest in reading a wide variety of literature from the past and present;

–   enjoy expressing their opinions and justifying their comments on texts;

–   enjoy studying a subject which is relevant to their own lives and experiences;

–   want to keep their options open for further study or future careers.


Students with AS or A-level English Literature have a wide range of possible career and higher education opportunities.  You will learn and use a variety of transferable skills during the course.  These include writing for a variety of purposes, responding to literary texts, expressing informed and independent opinions and identifying and developing the links between different parts of the subject.  These skills are in demand from employers, as well as universities and colleges, and are also valuable in their own right.


AS Units


Unit 1Explorations in Poetry and Prose


Section A – Unseen Poetry or Prose

Section B – Poetry studied in class

Section C – Prose


* External assessment:

Written examination paper

(2 hours 15 minutes)


Unit 2 Explorations in Drama


* Internal assessment:

Coursework, two responses, max 2000 – 2500 words




Unit 3        Approaches to Texts        Exam 2hr 45mins

Section A – Unseen Prose or Poetry

Section B – Studied Prose or Poetry


Unit 4        Reflections in Literary Studies        Coursework

One piece of written coursework focusing on reflections of values and attitudes, based around themes, ideas and concepts.


Entry Requirements:

A minimum of a Grade B (Higher Tier Paper) at English Language plus an aptitude and interest in the study of Literature and Literature.

Contact: Mrs Kaur