Examination Board: Edexcel


Course content: This is an exciting and varied course which focuses on the inter-relationships between people and their environments. There is a balance between physical and human geography.


There is no coursework in AS/A2 Geography






Unit 1


Global ChallengesTopic 1 – World at Risk

Topic 2 – Going Global

Written Examination(1½ Hours)


Unit 2

Geographical InvestigationsOne physical and one human topic to be studied:

Physical: Topic 1 – Extreme Weather

Topic 2 – Crowded Coasts

Human:  Topic 1 – Unequal Spaces

Topic 2 – Re-branding Places

Written Examination(1¼ Hours)


Unit 3

Contested PlanetTopic 1 – Energy Security

Topic 2 – Water Conflicts

Topic 3 – Biodiversity Under Threat

Topic 4 – Superpower Geographies

Topic 5 – Bridging the Development Gap

Topic 6 – The Technological Fix?

Written Examination(2½ Hours)


Unit 4

Geographical ResearchOne option to be chosen from:

Option 1 – Tectonic Activities and Hazards

Option 2 – Cold Environments – Landscape and Change

Option 3 – Life on the Margins – the Food Supply Problem

Option 4 – The World of Cultural Diversity

Option 5 – Pollution and Human Health at Risk

Option 6 – Consuming the Rural Landscape – Leisure & Tourism

Written Examination(1½ Hours)


Assessment Details:

The AS course in Year 12 is made up of two units and two further A2 units are followed in Year 13 to complete the full Advanced Level award.

There will be opportunities for fieldwork during the course, both to a city centre and a coastal location.


Progression into Higher Education and Employment:

AS/A2 Level Geography has an enquiry based approach dealing with questions, problems and issues. The subject bridges the arts and the sciences and is a versatile course providing good access to employment, as well as further and higher education. Top universities welcome applicants offering A Level Geography, regardless of their chosen degree course.

Just a few of the possible career links are shown below:

Agriculture Armed Forces
Chartered Surveying Civil Service
Environmental Management Geology
Geophysics Horticulture
Planning Land Management
Law Property Valuing
Transport Cartography
Meteorology Travel Industry


Entry Requirements:

A minimum of Grade C at GCSE in Geography, Maths and English Language.  Consideration will be given to students who have not studied Geography at GCSE.


Contact: Mr G Milne