Examination Board: OCR
Why Choose This Subject?


The study of History develops a huge number of skills including evidence testing and objective writing which are vital in jobs such as journalism, the police, the legal profession, the civil service and Politics. History teaches us how to argue constructively and to make rational, balanced judgements. Above all it is about people – their flaws, their strengths, why they did what they did and, even more interestingly, why they said they did these things. This makes History the perfect subject for all those interested in what makes people tick and how we have got to where we are today. Our course is rich in personalities and is supported by film and television dramas, particularly about Elizabeth I.  This makes it a natural companion to those studying Shakespeare as part of A- Level English. Finally, with Information Technology growing all around us, it becomes ever more important to be able to analyse and select what is relevant from the vast amount of information on offer.


Course Summary:


Course Year 1 (AS) Year 2 (A2)
OCR 2 Units = 50%Exams in Jan and June 2 Units = 50% (including Coursework)Exams in Jan & June

AS Year 1 Unit 1: The Mid-Tudor Crisis, 1536 – 1569

We begin at the death- bed of Henry VIII.  Who was scheming and for what? Who won out? What direction did Britain take under the boy-king Edward and then ‘Bloody Mary’?  This exam is based on studying documents from the Tudor period.

AS Year 1 Unit 2: Spain, 1469 – 1556

A study of the ‘superpower’ of the period and England’s sometime ally and rival. How well did Charles V govern this mighty empire?  This offers you the chance to study a fascinating, and for most students, a brand new area of History.


A2 Year 2 Unit 4: Philip II of Spain 1556 – 1598

How did Charles V’s son differ from his father in his rule of Spain? What did he hope to gain from the marriage to ‘Bloody’ Mary and what were his relations with Elizabeth, the ‘Virgin’ Queen of England?

This is a coursework unit.  This original piece of research can be invaluable for Key Skills and show any university interviewer or prospective employer that you have the ability to produce a well-structured and substantial report to a professional standard.


A2 Year 2 Unit 5: Tudor Rebellions 1485 – 1603

Was Tudor England in crisis?  Was the monarchy safe?  How did society react to the English Reformation?   Was the country more secure by Elizabeth’s death than it was when Henry VII took power?  You’ll study the cunning plans and, often violent ends, of those who dared challenge the Tudors.


Entry Requirements:

To follow the course, it is not essential to have taken History at GCSE. We welcome students with a strong enthusiasm for the subject, but due to the emphasis placed on essay writing, a Grade C (Higher Paper) or above in English is recommended although consideration will be given on an individual basis.

For students who have studied History, a minimum Grade ‘C’ is also required.  Students not meeting these requirements will be considered on teacher recommendation.

Students must be prepared to read widely throughout the course.


Contact: Mr G Milne