Sixth Form Facilities

In 2013 we invested heavily in our Sixth Form by completely redesigning and refurbishing The Sixth Form Centre. The result is an outstanding Sixth Form Centre dedicated to maximising student learning and achievement. Within the Centre there are 30 dedicated computers linked to the network. During lesson times the whole centre is used for quiet study.  When students are not in class they may choose to work in the Sixth Form Centre or home (when Home Study has been granted). Further to this, university style work areas are provided for students to study at if computers are not required.

The Sixth Form Centre may be used for socialising before school, during break and at lunch time. There is a kitchen and dining area which the students are responsible for.  In this area food may be prepared and eaten. The area is maintained by the Sixth Form.

Students are expected to use the Sixth Form Centre with respect and responsibility. To ensure this, the prefects form a rota to check the Sixth Form Centre each lesson. Mobile telephones and personal stereos may be used in the centre provided they do not disturb other students.

Within the Sixth Form Centre there is a library of materials relevant to universities, job applications, gap years and careers.

As a Sixth Former you are increasingly expected to take responsibility for your education and studying. This will mean using the Sixth Form Centre appropriately, and respecting others using the Centre for their studies.  For each Level 3 course that you take (ALevel and BTEC Level 3) you will be expected to study for a further 4 or 5 hours outside of the classroom each week. This learning is crucial to your success. When not on home study, you will be expected to use the excellent facilities in the Sixth Form Centre responsibly, and to their full potential. Any time spent in there during lesson times should be used to complete, not just work that has been set in the classroom, but also to do further reading and research to deepen and broaden your knowledge of the subjects you have opted to take.


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