Altwood School Parliament

Altwood Parliament is currently led by our Head of Parliament, Megan De Alwis, who was voted on by the whole student body. The Parliament is made up of Head of Parliament, Sixth Form prefects and two Members of Altwood Parliament from each tutor group who have been elected by the rest of the tutor group to represent their views. The sixth form Senior Prefects head up five key areas for our school community:-

Environment and Wellbeing, Media and Events, Olympic Council and Healthy Lifestyles and Faith and Culture.

Meetings are held regularly to discuss issues both raised by the students themselves and whole school matters which benefit greatly from student input. The school Members of Altwood Parliament are responsible for feeding back to their tutor group what has been discussed and this is what makes the school Parliament effective.

During the past academic year students have actively looked at how we can improve our school website in order to make it more relevant and appealing to students as well as adults. They were central to establishing a new Code of Conduct and how this could be made more user friendly. Another big achievement this year was the replacement of our bike stands. The Altwood Parliament is an important vehicle for our school and community improvement here at Altwood.